I would be under-exaggerating to say that I am entirely honored and incredibly blessed to be the one chosen by Christ For the Nations to be the video editor on a team of people responsible for telling the story of Gordon Lindsay! Below is the finished "Gordon Lindsay Legacy Video" as well as some of the visuals that you'll find in the telling of this story. - Directed by: Sandi Geldenhuys - Video Edits & Graphic Design by: Paul D. Zinn, Jr. - Male Voice-over: Craig Geark - Female Voice-over: Hawni Lindsay
Premier Pro, After effects, Speed Grade, Audition, 
Come behind the scenes with Shabay Photography to experience a taste of what it's like for Chris Shabay to do a shoot for you! This is a behind the scenes look at Hayley Rudolph's Photo Shoot Experience! We had a blast putting it together as well as doing the Facebook Live Video Premiere! If you are interested in getting work like this done shoot us an email at

"This is the Bowman's Family"
This video was shot with a 50mm 1.8/f and a 18-200 3.5/f attached to a Canon 60D
The audio was recorded on a Zoom H4N with a Audio Technica AT-897 shotgun Mic
Syfert Wedding DVD Menu
This is a sample of a DVD menu I made for the Syfert's wedding, an event we shot out in may of 2009.
"Come Away With Me"
By: Norah Jones
I used Flash Fireworks CS4 to cut out the various layers
and animated in Vegas Pro 9.0
COTH: What do we Believe
This is a promotion video I shot for Church on the Hill in Cedar Hill Texas.
it was shot on a Canon 60D with a 30mm 1.4 Sigma Lens
Audio was captured on a Zoom H4n with an attached Audio Technica AT897 with foam and "dead cat" windguards.
Horse Racing Testimony
Jonathan Pena got delivered from chicken fighting... And, believe it or not, he improvised this in one take!

Music from:
Camera: Canon HF-20
Vocal Mic: Audio Technica  AT-897 shot gun
Audio Recorder: Zoom H4n
edited completely with Sony Vegas 8.0
Used my DIY Steadicam at night with the focous locked on macro to achieve the intro effect, then masked that footage and layered it on top of the interview footage to get the spiffy transitions. first time trying that and it turned out pretty cool.
Used my Dynex (best buy) dx-mw010 tripod for stationary shots
This is how we celebrate the 4th of July in Texas! HUZZAH!
This was shot on my Canon 60D, Canon EF-S 18-200mm 1:3.5-5.6 IS Lens, and 2 iPhone 4s.

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